What Urban Girl Mag is all About

As a writer who truly has a passion for learning about people, writing about life & society I find it difficult to accept that the Journalism world has taken a severe plunge.

People have traded in their newspapers & books for i pads, nooks, & tablets. They’ve thrown away their monthly subscription to their favorite magazine & swapped it out for an online blog websites, primarily discussing celebrity gossip.

The daily, mid-day & nightly news has adopted the magazine news format of how and what they choose to report. In a profession where unbiased reporting was the only way to report,it’s becoming clear that the moral lining of Journalism is being blurred by political stand point.

Writing has always been something I’ve loved to do. This website will reflect that.

This blogazine is a way for me, along with fellow young women to build their journalistic ability through reporting, writing, blogging & etc. We are the source for the millennial, woman of color.

 This will be a place for women from different walks of life to showcase their writing skills while giving the public a look into life from their perspectives. As a reader of magazines such as Essence, Seventeen, Cosmogirl, Ebony, and many other publications growing up I intend to further give society what these media outlets gave to me and much more.

Stay Tuned… 


One comment

  1. Hi,
    Saw you on Linked in.
    Would you be interested in either an author interview and/or reviewing my book: On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America?
    It’s about a Newark, NJ teacher who rode his horse from NY to CA in 2007-2008 to honor the contributions of African Americans to US history.
    Look forward to hearing from you and thanks!

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